2006_02_ARTS_AZIZ.jpgAziz Ansari and his friends are taking over Pianos tomorrow night. Todd Barry and Nick Kroll are amongst those friends, but we hear there will be more (UPDATE: This just in, other friends include Leo Allen and Merlin and Zach. No last names, how mysterious!). Among the room full of funny there will also be a/v fun, like the debut screening of the new cut of "Illusionators" [watch the trailer here]. This is by the same team that created "Shutterbugs".

We suggest checking out Aziz's short film about Other Music employees [watch it here] - if it was good enough for Carlos D to watch, it's good enough for you.

In addition, Aziz is taking song suggestions on his blog for the making of the 2nd installment of the World's Shittiest Mixape [watch it here]. We know you know some shitty songs, suggest them here by 5:30 tomorrow!

Related: Gothamist interviews Aziz Ansari, Todd Barry, and uh - not Nick Kroll, yet - though he did take part in our comedy show and hosted our recent Movable Hype.

Tuesday // 8pm // Pianos [158 Ludlow St] // $5 - Buy Tickets Here!