While you may salivating for the new, fancy Financial District Denny's, this whale was getting down to business in the New York Bight.

The Wildlife Conservation Society took this photograph of a humpback whale feeding on fish about six miles away. According to the WCS, "Waters off New York City and the greater New York Bight serve as a feeding ground, nursery, and migratory corridor for many species of marine life including whales, dolphins, sharks, fish, and sea birds. WCS’s New York Seascape program works to restore healthy populations of these species and protect New York marine waters, which are vital to wildlife and key to the area’s economic and cultural vitality."

Whales have been popping up in NYC waters lately—Gotham Whale spotted this one breaching with the skyline in sight!

Artie Raslich said, "I am taking the photo, and it started getting by the Empire State Building, and here comes this whale, straight up. But it didn't lunge. It spy hopped, which means it kicked its tail and stood there for a second, and I rattled off a whole bunch of shots, and I got a shot!"