Don't forget to firm up your holiday travel plans—or else you'll be stuck getting socks (again!) at your aunt's house. By making plans right away, you'll get the most out of your holidays and avoid stress during a time that 75% of Americans feel frustration while trying to get away for their vacations. American Express and their Travel Insiders, who not only have insight into the best hotels, dining and attractions, but also the hard-to-find hidden gems of any destination, have shared handy tips and reminders to ensure you can enjoy your holidays.

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Traveling during the holidays—with airfare, hotel and rental car—can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why it's a great time to rely on a travel agent to book your accommodations.

Their expertise can go a long way, as they know how to navigate the industry, how to book packages that offer the best value, and best of all, they get to deal with customer service when you get foiled by bad weather or overbooked hotels. That in itself is worth a try.


Speaking of bad weather: there's always the chance of being stuck at an airport for hours of delays. You probably won't have access to your checked luggage while you're sitting in the terminal, and there's always that horrible possibility the checked bags won't be with you on the other side of your flight.

To keep yourself in good shape and your wallet full, make sure to pack all your medications, healthy snacks, travel documents, and extra cash in your carry on. Don't forget your phone charger either!



American Express Cardmembers have a lot of options when it comes to saving money and avoiding headaches. Using your American Express Membership Rewards points can offset your travel costs, especially since they aren't subject to blackout dates like most point programs.

When your flight is delayed or your gate is full of screaming children, you can use your Platinum Card to gain access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide.

Another easy way to save is on your checked bags—10% of Americans surveyed mention baggage fees as a travel annoyance—so get a leg up on them and apply the Platinum Card's $200 annual airline credit towards those suitcases full of gifts.

Now that it's almost Thanksgiving, it's time to finally get that holiday vacation figured out. Follow these tips from American Express Travel Insiders and you'll have a better chance of actually enjoying those hard-earned days off!