Seems like just yesterday we were unable to afford the iconic Givenchy black dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and this weekend more of her glamorous garb is going on the block.

According to the NY Post, 36 items of clothing she wore on and off the screen from 1953 to the late '60s (this was during the time that she had a pet deer named Pippin), along with accessories and letters. The auction will be held in London, but some of the items will be available for viewing at Sotheby's in Manhattan this weekend. The goods will include a black chantilly lace cocktail gown, again by Givenchy, that she wore in the 1966 flick How to Steal a Million." This one is expected to go for around $30K, over $750K less than the Tiffany's dress.

The unpublished letters available are from Hepburn to her friend Tanja Star-Busmann, including one where she opens up about opening night of Gigi on Broadway, which she starred in during the early '50s. She wrote: "And what a night it was, you should have seen old Hepburn in the midst of congratulations, flowers and photographers and we have a success!"