Since there are 8 million unsigned bands in this city, we thought we'd pass this along to you. Now maybe one of you can have a shot at getting your song on a soundtrack for a crappy movie (and sit in a pile of money while all the bloggers call you sell outs.)! Unsigned artists will have a shot at getting their song on a soundtrack by submitting their music online via The winning band's song will be in the summer movie John Tucker Must Die. "The grand prize winner will be chosen on May 26th by a panel of celebrity judges and music executives. Wind-up Records will award a $10,000 production budget to the winner for professional re-recording, mixing, and mastering of the winning song. The ten finalists will each win a Gibson electric guitar."

$10,000 production budget for one song?! That just seems like...a lot for one song. We're guessing it won't be recorded in your buddies basement in Brooklyn.

"So, what's this movie about?" you ask.

Well it's about three popular girls from different cliques discovering they've all been dating the same school stud when they decide not to get mad but to...

Sorry, we fell asleep. The contest does have one redeeming quality about it: the music supervisor is Alex Patsavas - who you know from The OC and Grey's Anatomy. She's also going to be at the Tribeca Film Festival with the OC's creator, Josh Schwartz, early next month discussing how to break bands through television and film. So if she likes you, this actually could be a big break.

The John Tucker Must Die Undiscovered Band contest is open from April 6th to the 24th. Enter here!

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