Criminals may have a right to a fair and speedy trial, but these days, if a juror has a job interview, the trial can wait! And isn't it fitting that an attempted murder trial was delayed for a juror's... Law & Order audition?

According to the Post:

Juror No. 6, a tall man with dark hair, got an unexpected callback to audition for the show. He told Brooklyn supreme court Judge Wayne Ozzi, “If it was anything else I wouldn’t even have brought it up,” but that he needs the money because his wife is injured and can’t work.

When asked if missing the audition would mean financial hardship, the juror said, “It’s a close call every month. There’s no slush fund.”

Ozzi delayed opening statements until later this afternoon and told the juror, “Good luck. We’ll be looking for you on TV.”

After the audition the juror will come to hear the trial of Robert Morales, the ex-con accused of shooting his parole officer. Morales was charged with attempted murder (he pulled the trigger on a gun aimed at the officer, but the gun jammed), and said at the time, "Unfortunately he ain't dead. That was the plan... He's an a-hole. He deserved it."