2006_04_aaron.jpg2006_04_tina.jpgHmm, if there was a smackdown between Aaron Sorkin and Tina Fey, who would win? We're partial to saying Tina, because she's been writing and acting in Saturday Night Live - after having a baby! - AND working on her untitled NBC comedy pilot about a sketch comedy show, while Aaron Sorkin has been laying low, only working on his NBC drama pilot about a sketch comedy show. The New Yorker wonders if there's enough room for both on NBC's new schedule (we say yes, as something will have to take the place of Deal or No Deal). And while we love Sorkin rat-a-tat dialogue of people walking and talking (pedeconferencing, as Television Without Pity recappers call it), a show with Fey, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan ("monkey washing a cat"), and Alec "Greenhilly" Baldwin sounds much better than Bradley Whitford (though he does smarm so well), Matthew Perry, and Amanda Peet for some reason - maybe we just need belly laughs. And Fey's show would be set in New York, too. Anyway, Fey tells the New Yorker that if both shows are on, it could get interesting:

“We’ll probably end up doing a terrible crossover, where the Matthew Perry character on the drama rapes my character on the comedy—and then the ‘Law & Order’ team solves the crime.”

We love you, Tina Fey.