2005_08_newsstand.jpgThe groans you hear are from newsstand owners and the super stylish, trying to carry the new fall fashion magazines. Plus, it's the only time of the year Vogue wants to be fat. The Daily News has a rundown of them, and depending on how you swing, we recommend you check out or avoid Vogue for Sarah Jessica Parker's gushing, Harper's Bazaar for Demi Moore's confirmation that she likes to snuggle up with Ashton naked (all we want to say is that if we were her kid, we'd never show our face at school again...but it's probably past that point for her kids), and Elle with J. Lo admitting being "Bennifer" was fun. Gothamist is waiting for the Law & Order episode where an 800 page fall fashion magazine is the weapon of choice, but at this point, we'll settle for seeing some women's segment on a morning show demonstrate how lifting these magazines counts as strength training.

Oh, and apparently black is the new black! Finally!