Yesterday, Gothamist attended the 34th annual Atlantic Antic along Atlantic Avenue between Hicks Street and Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn. For the uninitiated, this not your typical New York "tube sock" street fair. Sure there are some of the typical food vendors (gyros, roasted corn and Mozzarepas, natch). But unlike most other street fairs, there is a strong neighborhood presence in both food (including freebees from the new kid on the block Trader Joe’s) and vendors, along with many Brooklyn community groups and a wide variety of live music. As an added bonus this year, the New York Transit Museum had free admission along with its annual bus festival.

One thing was definitely different this year - there was a pronounced political presence. Volunteers fanned out among the Anticgoers to get people registered to vote, local politicians were pressing the flesh, and every other vendor pushed Obama baubles and "Obama burgers." (See photo.) This was not McCain's crowd. Opponents to the embattled Atlantic Yards project were also gathering petitions, while the development's supporters trotted out the Nets mascot to charm the masses.