2005_04_artsretroreduxsm.jpgOver the weekend student game design crews participated in Parsons Retro Redux. Essentially teams of students were locked in rooms with access to old video games for 24 hours hoping to produce as many games as possible around the retro technology of Atari's Flashback 2.0 game console.

Gothamist is fairly certain that a number of others unknowningly participated (ie: in their apartments, without any productive outcome) in this event over the weekend.

Retro Redux offers game aficionados a chance to create games of the future based on some of the most classic games of the past. One winning game design will be selected for possible inclusion on a future version of the Atari Flashback console. That winner will be announced TONIGHT from 5 to 7pm at the Lang Student Center, New School University [55 W. 13th street, 2nd floor]. So go check out what's new in retro! [via FreeNYC]