Yesterday, thousands of Michael Jackson fans waited to celebrate the pop legend's life at the Apollo Theater. They waited hours to enter the venue where Jackson and his brothers were discovered in 1967—they cried, sang, danced, and cheered in his memory. According to the Daily News, the Reverend Al Sharpton "scoff[ed] at critics who continue to portray" Jackson as a "freak and child molester" in his "fiery eulogy painting the entertainer as a trailblazing phenomenon," saying, "Michael opened the door to us and we won't let them close the door on you."

One woman told the Post, "It feels good to be here... I'm getting through the grief. It feels like a member of my family died." And a fan standing outside, who was singing to "I Want You Back," said, "I'm 65. But me, my children and my grandchildren grew up on Michael's music. I'm sad, but I'm glad, too, because he left us so much music." There were people dressed Michael Jackson-style outfits as well as impersonators who rallied the crowd:

And here's video of Apollo Theater Foundation President Jonelle Procope speaking about Jackson's legacy:

Of course, Sharpton's presence at the Jackson family's side in California has reportedly upset the family balance, when he appeared with Jackson patriarch Joe Jackson who has been getting a lot of flack. MSNBC reported, "Asked why he was there, Sharpton said his presence has nothing to do with any Jackson family conflict, and that he isn't taking sides with any one family member," explaining, "I was asked by the family to help. I never said I was one of Michael's confidantes. I think his image is being mistreated. I want to protect his legacy."