Remember that time you were attacked and the NYPD dropped everything to find your attacker, even though you had literally no memory of the incident and probably couldn't identify the attackers anyway? If you don't remember that happening, then you probably don't have a very high Google rating. The NYPD have been trying to track down Gavin DeGraw's attackers since he was attacked at 4 a.m. in the East Village last Monday, but their trail is cold. So as we noted yesterday, they've been putting up fliers around the neighborhood, asking for help.

Now the NY Post has tracked down one person in the East Village to see what they think of this preferential treatment. One told them, "I know like six people that have been mugged. I know three bike riders that have been run over. The cops don't put up fliers for them."

DeGraw is still recovering, and plans to rejoin the Maroon5/Train tour on August 22nd. On Sunday he Tweeted at someone from Rascal Flatts, saying, "Bro, thanks 4 reaching out. It was a rough night and I'm still a little banged up ,but I got thru it." He added, "Indy+Sugarland—awful."

Before you ask, here you go: