2006_10_audrey.jpgWell, do a dance on Audrey Hepburn's grave - the Gap credits the black skinny pants with helping their sales last month, no small part due to the Audrey Hepburn and AC/DC commercial. One Gap manager in Staten Island tells the Daily News, "We can't keep them in. It brought in the mother, the grandmother, the granddaughter. Little kids come in and try on a size 0." And a mother who bought the pants for her daughter said, "I'm going to rent 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' for her so she can get a feel for Audrey's elegance.'" Huh, ever think of renting Funny Face, the movie that Audrey is actually dancing in?

Gothamist is not a fan of the ad - it makes us pity Audrey, hate "Back in Black" and want to run for cover, which is difficult, since the commercial plays on every single channel. It's interestingly jarring the first time you watch it, but then, upon airing after airing, you realize that the two things have nothing to go with each other and then you're left with a case of the mean reds.

AdFreak also noted the cringeworthiness of the ads. The LA Times reported that Hepburn's son Sean Ferrer did work with the Gap and did approve the ads, so there's nothing we can do about it, except lobby the Rainiers and beg them not to sell footage of Grace Kelly in High Society to the Gap.