astroland1108.jpgThe Coney Island message board is lit up with colorful photos and words about the take-down of Astroland. No word on when the dismantling of the park began, but the process generated a lot of sad imagery over the weekend. Curbed notes the "rumors that the rides may be sold to an amusement park in Australia," and that they "are being put in shipping containers." Rides will be a part of the area again, however...though it make look more like this. Until that day, one poster on the message boards reminds: "For your information Coney Island is not just rides. Try walking on the Boardwalk, walk on the pier, go to a Cyclone's game. Walk down Mermaid Ave and see the REAL Coney Island!!!!!!!! Believe it or not it will still be here AFTER Astroland is gone!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!" Who can argue with that many exclamation points?