2005_12_artsweapons.jpgStarting tomorrow an art exhibit transforms Astor Place Hair into a sensory experience...again! This event seems too complex to pass up. From the press release:

Inner-city Science Teacher by day, self-proclaimed dumpster-diver by night; artist Stuart Ross completed his race against time on Friday Night, December 2nd at 9pm in Astor Place Hair. After 80 days of build-up and a challenge imposed by indie film-maker, Joseph Wolf, Ross unveiled the largest showcase of his career, the much-anticipated exhibit of science-infused art: "Weapons of Mass Attraction".

It's not just an exhibit, it's also going to be part of a documentary. The six months of madness that came before this event will be included in "Survival of the Wildebeest", expected to debut early next year. So for those of you who missed it, the show will now run for another weekend starting tomorrow (and ending on Sunday.) Saturday Night will serve as the Official Wrap Party, accompanied by the bachata band, Grupo NV, and will also be fully catered with beverages included (read: get drunk for free!)

Astor Place Hair is located at 2 Astor Place [off Broadway]. The dates/times for this exhibit are: Thursday, Dec 8th @ 8pm, Friday, Dec 9th @ 9pm, Saturday, Dec 10th @ 8:30pm [CLOSING PARTY] and Sunday, Dec 11th @ 6pm