You did it, animal lovers! This past Cat Friday resulted in what the ASPCA says is a "record-breaking number of adoptions" in a single day at their Adoption Center.

For the past six years, the ASPCA has waived adoption fees for cats and kittens for the day after Thanksgiving to encourage people to bring a furry friend home because, let's face it, Black Friday deals usually last a little while anyway. On Friday, 89 cats, plus a dog, found homes, and 44 animals who aren't ready to go home yet were placed on adoption holds.

An ASPCA spokesperson explained that this means "that in addition to the 90 animals who slept in their new homes last night, we had so many people come out to adopt that we ran out of available animals and 44 more animals already have adopters lined up and will soon be going home as well. So, the success of the event will be felt for days and weeks to come."

Don't fret if you missed out—there are still many wonderful animals who need humans, so check out the ASPCA's available cats and dogs here. And while we're excited to see what some of the cats we highlighted were adopted (Teddy and Pirate Kitty Winkin!), some—at this moment—still appear available to take over your apartment, like Gwen:

"The enormous success of Cat Friday demonstrates New Yorkers’ deep instinct for compassion, even on a day so focused on consumerism," said Matt Bershadker, president and CEO of the ASPCA. "Moving these animals from the shelter to safe and loving homes is a life-changing gift to them and to the families who take them in, and I hope this amazing event inspires potential adopters to also open their homes and hearts to pets in need."