Jin; Photo - Holla-Front.comIs it a prerequisite that you need to be shot at before having rapper street cred? Rising Asian rapper,
Jin, was involved in a Chinatown shooting yesterday. The Post reports that Jin and another rapper were arguing at a new nightclub at 32 Mulberry St., Yellow. Jin's friend, Christopher Louie, stepped in and was shot by the other rapper's .40 caliber gun; Jin was unharmed. Rumors are that the other rapper, part of the "Ghost Shadows" gang, was jealous of Jin's success of late, including an MTV tour. Well, until he's shot 9 times, we can't begin to speculate on Jin's success or music, but the Post notes, "The 21-year-old star has already won rapping competitions where, like white Eminem before him, he has turned taunts about his ethnicity into his own rap disses." [Via Adam]

A club named Yellow, eh? Gothamist would pick Yellow over Suzie Wong's anyday, because at least Yellow seems clever in that overall stupid ironic way. And is it wrong to like the Coldplay song, "Yellow," when you are yellow?

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