Opening tomorrow as a counterpoint to the Red Hook Ikea kick-off is a photography exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library that chronicles the disappearing industrial sites along Brooklyn's waterfront. Called "Twilight on the Waterfront: Brooklyn's Vanishing Industrial Heritage," the photographs are the work of Nathan Kensinger, who has compiled an impressive body of work over the last five years by sneaking into dilapidated properties around Brooklyn.

The series vividly documents the accidental beauty of decaying buildings, with attention paid to a quickly-fading area of Red Hook waterfront, recalling the way it looked when packs of wild dogs roamed the neighborhood and Sunny’s was still an illegal speakeasy. Kensinger's show opens tomorrow night with an event from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Central Library at Grand Army Plaza - so there'll be plenty of time to swing by after picking up a couple POÄNG chairs at the Ikea grand opening.