Hey, artists! Can't afford that $21 million loft in Soho? That's okay—you can get FREE studio space from the city! The only catch? Your art has to involve old people.

As part of the Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide Program, 50 artists are being placed in-residence and given a $1,500 stipend at senior centers across the city. In exchange, the artists must "engage participating seniors in an art project or series of cultural programs," with the goal of positively impacting the well-being of seniors through arts-based activities. But please: no Popsicle-stick sculptures—there's an intensive list of application guidelines [pdf] to make sure you don't try to pull a fast one on Gran.

So far, early reports about the project have been positive: Daryl-Ann Saunders, photographer who was given space in the Diana H. Jones Senior Center in Bushwick said the residency allowed her to get up close and personal with the subjects of her project, which focused on Bushwick residents who've lived in the neighborhood since before 1975. “When I was young I was afraid of seniors—to me they were from Mars, but then as you get old you realize, ‘someday…’" said Saunders. If the prospect of getting creative with less-than-nubile art lovers sounds good, check out the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's information session tomorrow and apply here before the deadline on September 30.