While you've been busy yapping away on your cell phone along the 14th Street corridor, a group of techno wizards have been working to set up a free wifi network on the L train, from Morgan Avenue to 8th Avenue. But don't expect to simply browse through your morning blogs—"The L Train Notwork" isn't exactly an online free-for-all.

Every day this week (Monday through Saturday), from 8 a.m.-10 a.m., in the last two cars of the train, users can log on to the "The L Train Notwork," a pirate wi-fi intranet from the minds behind the creative collective WeMakeCoolSh.it. As the creators explain it, the content on the notwork was been tailored to the "creative class" riding the train from Bushwick through Manhattan, and will feature things like a live chat room/dating site, curated content from local authors, poets, and visual artists, news feeds from popular sites, and more.

Artists will be on the train every day this week, carrying tiny portable battery powered web serves that create wifi hotspots accessible to mobile devices on the train in shopping bags, none of which will be installed or left alone on MTA property. They promise that "nothing will look suspicious and everyone involved in the project will have a project description to provide anyone, official or otherwise, who wants to know more." [via FreeWilliamsburg]