Instead of crushing candy or staring blankly into space, Ben Rubin spends much of his daily commute doodling. He started this practice about five years ago after first buying an iPad, and began sharing his doodles of otherworldly creatures interrupting otherwise mundane NYC scenes online shortly after.

The doodles are a combination of iPhone photos and his own sketches, brought together through a drawing app, Procreate, which transforms his iPad into a sketchbook. "Sometimes I take a picture with an idea in mind," he told us, "but most of the time I just take a picture and figure out what to do later on. Often I start drawing without knowing where I'll end up."

Most of the drawings feature furry blue creatures on the subway, but Rubin occasionally brings his creations above ground—his monsters have made appearances on street corners, parks, and the city's rivers. He isn't afraid to get political, either—Donald Trump makes frequent appearances, one time showing up as a literal pile of trash, another time being lewd on the subway car.

Each drawing takes Rubin three to four hours—and his commute is less than 25 minutes each way—so he draws about two or three every week. Thanks in part to his dedication, he's now amassed a sizable online following, with a few hundred fans on Facebook and nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram.