Brooklyn-based artist Glenda Reed contacted us this morning explaining that she's embarking on an art project and working with a new medium: bread. There's just one giant problem; she explains:

The sculpture, Bread Bed, is a wooden twin bed frame with a mattress of freshly baked bread that is meant to be eaten at the opening. The tricky part is that I'd like to bake the bread mattress in one piece, roughly 6' x 3' x 5-8". I'm having the darndest time finding an oven big enough... Do you have any suggestions where I might be able to find an oven large enough for this project? I’d appreciate any advice regarding baking a loaf of bread this size in terms of recipes, cooking temperature, time, etc.

So, anyone know where to find a mattress-sized oven? The piece will be shown, and eaten, at the Last Supper Festival next month—the egg timer is ticking!