Starting October 1st, Ellis Island's historic south side will open to the public. The artist JR has created an art installation throughout the abandoned buildings there, titled "Unframed—Ellis Island," and tickets for the guided tours go on sale today through Save Ellis Island and Statue Cruises. (You will also be able to buy tickets for hard hat tours of the unrestored buildings, which has never been offered before.)

This is the first time there has ever been an art installation on the south side, according to SEI, and it will feature life size photographs of Ellis Island immigrants pasted up around the walls of the buildings. This is actually part of JR's larger "Unframed" series, which uses old photos, and here "the artist’s intent is to evoke a sense of time and place and give context to the human lives that were touched by their time at Ellis Island."

According to the NY Times, "the first tour groups will be limited to 10 people as part of a pilot program, with plans to expand next year." The pieces will remain pasted up until they fade away and disappear.

Here's a look at the abandoned south side of the island.