It feels like this idea already happened when everyone was drinking PBR and wearing trucker hats, but it appears the hipsters of The Aughts weren't committed enough to actually l-i-v-i-n' the dream all the way to the trailer park. However, with a new decade, comes a new breed: the Bushwick Trailer Park Artist. Add them to the evolution chart.

Move over alternative-living amateurs, this is a real deal trailer park, right in Brooklyn... and dare we say, if their plan pans out, it sounds sort of amazing. Rented Spaces reports the trailers are currently housed in a 6,500-square-foot former nut roasting factory in Bushwick. If that sounds drab, then just picture the future — shiny as an Airstream — which promises a relocation to a 20x200-foot backyard. Currently there are six trailers, but by the Spring relocation they expect to have up to thirty 250-square-foot trailers. Eventually they also plan to repurpose boats, railroad cars and shipping containers.

Rentals are on a month-to-month basis, and you get your own camper plus access to bathrooms (which include showers), a darkroom, recording studio, performance space, gym, storage area, screen printing room — and workshops for ceramic, metal and woodworking will also be made available. All that for just $590/month!

Co-founder Hayden Cummings (who will help hand select tenants) promises, "We're not doing a reality show here" — but if those trailers are rockin', MTV's gonna come a knockin'.