An article dated January 28, 1917 reads:

"The unborn editors of the New York Times of 2015 have been invited to attend, on the second Saturday in September of that year, the opening of the Louis H. Eisenlohr box at Ashburnham, Mass., which was placed in the vault of the town Treasurer in 1915 with instructions that it be not opened for 100 years."

It's unclear at this time if this is all going down next year, but the article says one thing that will be found inside the copper box is a copy of the Times from 1915. There will also be "messages from prominent men and women of the twentieth century to the men and women of the twenty-first century." The entire article is here, and appears to have been dug up by Masuma Ahuja.

Now when can we open the time capsule under the Obelisk in Central Park?