What a beautiful fall day it is outside. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, nice cool air. The perfect day to go and check out one of the more interesting arts festivals that New York has to offer (one of our friends likes to call it "nifty"). That's right people, yesterday, today and tomorrow make up the three days of the 9th Annual DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival. The Festival has open studios, exhibitions, installations, live art, some talks, and more. Most of it is even free (you can check a full listing of events here for times locations and prices). Personally we recommend checking out the Dance Festival which runs within the larger festival (can't make it this weekend? No worries, there is going to be an International DUMBO Dance Festival next week!). So if you're looking for something to do, other than y'know sit and read the internets, there you are. Now go.