2004_07_artscculture.jpgRunning through August 14th is the Counter Culture exhibition/walking tour. This caught our attention over at Gothamist for a number of reasons. Mainly the many ways you can go about participating in it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The tour itself dives into the history of the Bowery neighborhood during the skid row era (that roughly spanned from the 1890's to the 1950's...yeah, we didn't know it lasted that long either). Six artists chose six respective businesses to collaborate with (Ricardo Miranda Zuniga @ SILO, Julianne Schwartz @ Bari Restaurant Supply, Flux Factory @ Bowery Martial Arts, Marion Wilson @ the future home of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Jean Shin @ Public and Raul Vincent Enriquez, creator of the audio tour).

Each artist takes the sales counter as the initial departure point for his/her project. The idea of exchange informs each installation...each artists project offers a particular glimpse into the complex layering of histories, ethnic culture and social classes.

A bit of a complex exhibit, but sure to be an experience none-the-less. You can see for yourself by printing out this brochure and walking yourself through each space, by downloading the mp3 which will guide you through it (or purchase a cd)...and then there is always the guided walking tour. Go this Saturday @ 2 and enjoy the post-art Burrito Party @ Remote Lounge.