This post is a sponsored article by the New York Botanical Garden.

Around the Table: Stories of the Foods We Love is a celebration of the plants that we eat. This summer, NYBG will be growing edible plants from all over the world, delving into the science behind these plants, and inviting Bronx artists to design picnic tables that tell their own stories about the foods and food traditions they love. It’s a feast for all the senses that acknowledges how our food choices impact the world around us, and how the foods we share cross cultural boundaries to bring all of us together around the table.

Lina Puerta, Cabbages and Radishes Parade (detail), from the Willard Crops Series, 2019, Collection of the artist. 42 x 64 in. (106.7 x 162.6 cm). Handmade paper composed of pigmented cotton and linen pulp; embedded with lace, sequined and metallic fabrics; parts of previously used Mayan huipil and Kuna cloths; discarded food packaging netting, antique and commercial appliqués.