Reasons to support Arnold's run for Governor of California:
- Will probably support Austrian pastries. Mmm...pastries.
- Terminator, Predator, Kindergarten Cop (he got those kids in line - he can do it with Sacramento bureaucracy)
- Only political candidate Gothamist has seen naked. But that doesn't mean we want to see Arianna or Gray naked. Lord no.
- Admitted he got a bikini wax. Metrosexual, yes, but then again, he's man enough to own up to it.
- Ain't our state.
- Savvy manipulator of media, which Gothamist respects.
- Pithy, soundbite worthy speeches

Reasons not to support Arnold's run for Governor of California :
- The Last Action Hero, Batman & Robin
- No political experience.
- Will do anything for money, probably, even though he's crazy rich.
- Hollywood connections lead to more Wag the Dog type possibilities.
- Will have to hear "I'll be back" in re-election speeches. And incessant playing of "Bad to the Bone."
- Suspected ulterior motive: Ruling the world.

All Arnold, all the time: CNN, LA Times, NY Times, SF Chronicle, Washington Post, NY Post, NY Daily News

Arnold's official site: