If you pay attention to flyers on lampposts as much as we do, then you undoubtedly have come across the work of Dan Perino, who has been plastering the city with his face in a quest to find a girlfriend. But Perino, a 51-year-old "professional artist and creative person," recently realized that the search for a soulmate doesn't necessary pay the rent—so he's started offering his vast flyer-posting experience to all New Yorkers.

The new posters read, "Just like you see this one, others will see yours. Get your image and your message out there on the streets of New York. Brought to you by the man behind 'Looking For a Girlfriend'—check me out on Facebook."

Perino told the Voice that he's been plastering flyers around NYC far longer than he's been looking for a girlfriend via plastering flyers around NYC. And the main reason he's started advertising his specific skill set is that dating costs a whole lot: "I've spent quite a bit of money on all of these dates," he told them. "I've put up 23,000 flyers and I've been on 72 dates. Promising, but not marriage material."

Perino opened up even more about his dating experiment (which he insists isn't a social experiment) to xoJane. He now has truly become the Dan Smith of flyers—but hopefully no weird fans will casually follow Perino into yoga studios.