It's been almost a week since the Mets' storybook season came to an unfortunate thud of an ending, with the Game 5 World Series loss to the Kansas City Royals at Citi Field. While in mourning, I've been avoiding all Mets-related media since then (with the exception of de Blasio's earnest lies), so I only now have learned of Josh Davis, the New Jersey man who presumptively got a Mets "World Champs 2015" tattoo on his body, and now it all makes sense: this man and this man alone is to blame for us losing the World Series.

Davis got the tattoo done on October 27th, the day of Game 1 of the World Series, when the Mets suffered a weird, thrilling, heartbreaking 14 inning loss which served as an (unfortunately) accurate preview of the series to come.

"My whole life since I've been alive they've never won," Davis, a 22-year-old college student in Hackettstown who is to blame for everything that went wrong with the Mets in the World Series, told ABC. "I'm pretty tatted as it is, but I said if they got into the World Series I'd get a tat. When they got into the playoffs it became more of a reality. So, I said 'OK, I'm going to do it.'"

"I don’t regret it at all," Davis, whose hubris exceeds even Lucifer himself, added. "I've been a huge Mets fan my whole life. I can always change it. I could always add to it. People are saying to wait until next year and make it a six [2016]." Sure, you can change what's on your body, but can you change Daniel Murphy's poor fielding and lack of power in the final series? Can you change the fact that Yoenis Cespedes turned into an automatic out for five games in a row? CAN YOU CHANGE JEURYS FAMILIA BACK INTO THE MARIANO RIVERA-IN-TRAINING HE APPEARED TO BE FOR THE DODGERS & CUBS SERIES? CAN YOU???

Davis told CBS he's considering "correcting" the tattoo by adding all of the years when the Mets appeared in the World Series, with asterisks marking the years the team lost. "A lot of people think I should keep it, and all my friends and family at least are not calling me an idiot like everybody else," the beautiful fool said. "It would actually be factual and correct and still a tribute to the Mets and them going to the World Series."

Thanks a lot, Josh Davis.