Disney confused most of The Internet today when their new Joy Division/Mickey Mouse mash-up t-shirt made the rounds. According to the company, the shirt (just $24.95) is indeed "inspired by the iconic sleeve of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album."

While the general consensus is confusion, Pitchfork thinks it's pretty dumb because they're probably obligated to think that; Stereogum questions if the company is just trolling the entire internet; and Rolling Stone asked if old-school post-punk fans would "find this gesture charming." Well, we spoke to one Brooklyn man who bought the shirt this morning, and here's what he told us (really). EXCLUSIVE!

What drove you to purchase this t-shirt? And did you find it odd that Disney would choose Joy Division? Because Ian Curtis didn't seem like Disney type ifyouknowwhatimean (SUICIDE). They both have anti-semitic connections, which I assume is why this shirt was made. Mickey Mouse having been created by a known Jew-hater and the name Joy Division originating with the Nazis. So on that level the shirt makes perfect sense! And as a self-hating Jew, I am a perfect match for it.

Are you worried that EVERY dad in Brooklyn will be wearing this? I am not worried that every Brooklyn dad will have it because I assume they are all too into the whole locally sourced and independently crafted thing to support the Disney Machine. I for one can't wait to wear it to the Pulp reunion gig at Radio City.

We've also contacted Disney to find out why they chose Joy Division, and what other bands they may make the Mouse pay homage too, and will update if we ever hear back.