Have you ever wondered what's on Macaulay Culkin's iPod? You probably are now, right? I mean, this is the kid who survived Michael Jackson and then went on to make the fantastically campy '80s club scene flick Party Monster, so he probably has quite the playlist going on there. Find out for yourself next Thursday at Le Poisson Rouge, when Macaulay will host the aptly named "Macaulay Culkin's iPod" dance party, for free!

A LPR rep tells us, "It's exactly what it sounds like. Mack brings his iPod down to The Gallery at LPR and plugs in for a great dance party with friends and some surprise iPods (not DJs)." Yes, that's right—instead of DJing, he just plugs in his iPod and dances. The club has hosted one party so far, and Culkin apparently enjoyed himself so much that he's making it a monthly thing.

We're also told the playlist contains "a lot of pop dance music, indie rock, a little hip-hop," though we're not-so-secretly hoping to catch "Mack" bust out some hardcore '80s jams, like so: