Reader Rob Byrnes tips us to the news that Mayor Bloomberg will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Law & Order. 1010 wins says, "Bloomberg, known more for his sometimes stilted syntax [hee hee] than for any acting chops, will be seen discussing the murder of an assistant district attorney" during two press conferences. Dead ADA? Is this the end of Serena Southerlyn? While we wouldn't put it past Dick Wolf to kill off another ADA, this could be a stunt to kill off a never-before-seen ADA. Also, Rob mentions something about "dead smokers." Hmm. It'll probably air in a month or so. The Mayor will be donating his $678 to a fund for families of dead police officers and firefighters.

Rudy Giuliani appeared as himself in an episode during season 11, as a friend of interim Executive District Attorney Nora Lewin.