The Movement seems darker than a K-hole

It's been a while since we talked about Miley Cyrus. Did you know she has a Movement now? We're all a part of it, too! Us, you, Britney Spears, this kitten:

A lot of things about this Movement and how it effects us all is a little unclear, but things will be further revealed on October 2nd at 10 p.m. EST, when MTV debuts their one-hour long special titled Miley: The Movement. In this Miley is heard declaring: "There's an army, we're all part of The Movement." Presumably during this viewing is when we'll receive our orders as civilians under this new regime... you should probably learn about twerking and MDMA before then so you get a higher ranking position in the army.

A few days after this she'll be on SNL as musical guest and host—which will also be mandatory viewing for anyone that's a part of The Movement (all of us). Following all of this, anyone part of The Movement (all of us) will then be subjected to countless articles written about her "controversial" whatever-thing-she-did-this-time. Some circles believe this era will be known in history as our official entrance into Idiocracy.