Friday is Festivus (Observed), so stop crying and fight your father. Though laymen associate this alt-Christmas holiday with Seinfeld, the tradition, as zany as it sounds, is actually based in reality. Seinfeld writer Daniel O'Keefe, who later published a book called The Real Festivus, says the holiday was created by his father, who celebrated it "whenever the hell [he] felt like it, September to May." As you can see, it's funny cuz it's true:

Anyway, this great infographic explains it all for you. And for more tips on how to ironically observe this ritual, check out the official Festivus website. The tradition has become so popular that a company in Wisconsin actually got into the business of making Festivus poles. They're 100 percent recyclable and cost just $39 (plus shipping and handling). Yes, we should have told you about this weeks ago so you could have ordered it in time for Festivus—but save your griping for the Airing of the Grievances, okay pal?