This weekend's Panorama Festival on Randall's Island has already begun, and as of early Friday afternoon, some of the General Admission lines to get in are already over an hour long. Photographer Scott Lynch is on the ground, and reports that lines for Frank Ocean t-shirts once inside the venue are just as long—seriously, this is the merch area:

(Photo by Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

There is hope though: Lynch says that the line at the WEST Gate entrance (the one where you walk over the bridge or take the ferry) is significantly less crowded, with almost no wait (as of 3 p.m.). Note: This blog post is not a guarantee that there will be no line when you get there.

Here's the lineup for the weekend, but if those bands aren't your thing, there are other shows to wait on line for, specifically Fleetwood Mac's Classic East, and Phish at MSG.