The band Explosions in the Sky are known for their cinematic, upliftingly chimey instrumental music—which made them a perfect fit to soundtrack the Friday Night Lights TV show, which recently ended after five glorious seasons of Riggins' Rigs, Texas forever, clear eyes and full hearts. The band is scheduled to play a show on September 11th in Idaho, and it seems that NBC is rather offended at the "poorly timed" concert, as it's written on the marquee: "Explosions in the Sky concert September 11."

NBC NY gave their front page over to a story about how the concert has "the unfortunate timing of taking place on the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks," adding that "experts say thousands of New Yorkers still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder" from the attacks. Except, as local Idaho network KTVB points out, the controversy is all in NBC's minds: Joy Hart, the booking manager at the Egyptian Theatre, said there have been no complaints about the show (or the marquee). "I think it's unfortunate that the band is being equated with the tragic events of 9/11 in 2001," she said, and called it "absolutely a coincidence" that the big Sunday night show coincided with the anniversary of the attacks.

As The Daily What puts it, the marquee is causing some controversy "because we’ve apparently run out of things to be upset about." Anyone who has actually listened to the music of Explosions in the Sky might discover that their post-rock mini-symphonies elegantly fit the somber-yet-hopeful mood of the occasion; but we have a feeling NBC just didn't have much to write about that day.