Photo by Sam Horine

The new Benetton Pop-Up store in SoHo features some colorful displays amongst the clothing, but some people are simply outraged at what they're seeing. Unfold your bamboo hand fans and prepare to wave them rapidly in front of your face if you are easily offended by yarn sex!

The store has been embracing The Art Of Knit and commissioned artist Erik Ravelo for the pieces, called Lana Sutra, which depict brightly-colored knit mannequins doing... it. Right there in front of you as you're shopping for a new fall cardigan. Photographer Sam Horine recently dropped by and innocently uploaded the above photo to his Instagram account, which just a couple of days later already has nearly 300 comments.

One critic states: "Our children barely watch TV and when they do we manage what our children watch on television and we mostly engage them in educational play. As a parent it is my duty to set the boundaries and be commander and chief of the house hold. They are not adults! As we see fit we will have the appropriate conversations with them as the mature in age! This society we live in does not value nor respect the innocence of children but I choose to remain vigilant in protecting & preserving my children's innocence. They have a right to it and I'm not letting this corrupt society dictate it!" Another threatened: "Unfollow!"

What do you think: did Benetton go too far with their displays, or did they not go far enough (because we don't even see any balls of yarn here)?