Eric Schneider may have transformed his 450-square-foot studio apartment in Manhattan with the help of some architects and a giant blue... thing, but that's totally not impressive if you know about Gary Chang's 344-square-foot "green" apartment in Hong Kong, that he gorgeously altered to encapsulate 24 separate rooms. Take a look (it glows!):

The woman living in the 90-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side could really use Chang's help! Anyway, sure, Schneider's blue monster folds to create a living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, desk, closet, bookshelves, bed, and guest bed. But there's not even a screening room. There's not even a hammock! Come on, New York, we can do better, at least aesthetically. Click through for photos and layouts of both Chang and Schneider's folding apartments. [via Curbed]