It's been a while since we checked in with the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world, which has apparently become so cool the obscenely expensive apartment buildings are starting to brag about it themselves. Or at least that's the case with one self-professed "Banksy themed" (yep) Bushwick development, where the "Banksy themed" decor boasts about its own trendiness. (Which is very un-Banksy, btw.) Once again, there are now "Banksy themed" rental apartments in Bushwick—or according to the listing: in "Hip Bushwick."

Bushwick Daily spotted some StreetEasy listings for rentals in this "BANKSY themed" building, located just south of the expanse formerly known as Jefftown, at 1207 Broadway. And the listings are.... quite something, certainly. Like, what hip young thing wouldn't want to share space with a poor copy of Banksy's "Keep Your Coins, I Want Change" stencil? And, not one, but two Fakesy references to how cool one's building is? If your walls ain't woke, stay in Williamsburg, amirite?

A one bedroom in the seven unit building can be yours for as low as $2,000 a month from your parents.

We reached out to the marketing company behind 1207 Broadway, The In House Group, to find out more about this Banksy building, and more importantly, why. We'll update if we hear back, but in the meantime, it's worth noting Bushwick is no stranger to themed developments. There is, for instance, this MTA-themed apartment building on Stanhope Street; the manifest destiny-themed "Colony 1209" development on DeKalb Avenue; and Castlebraid's "vision of a seamless interplay between the individual and the vibrant collective they've helped to create," i.e. douche-themed.

More importantly, this isn't even technically the first Banksy-themed building in Brooklyn. In fact, one anonymous Gothamist staffer has a fake Banksy stenciled to the wall of their lobby, which they consider their "secret deep NYC resident shame." I won't out them, but feel free to guess in the comments!