What rhymes with hug me? (Getty)

Maybe it's nice to know that in a time when Lady Gaga's antics have basically become white noise even at a church gathering, America can still be "shocked." But why is everyone so shocked by Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMAs last night? And why is Robin Thicke's part in it an afterthought? We await the "In Defense Of Miley" takedown of this skewed criticism, surely to be sprinkled with more than one "slut shaming" callout, but until then, let's take a look. Here's what the 20-year-old did that has people fanning themselves this morning:

Haven't we seen more shocking things at the VMAs? At the local bar? On the subway? Through your neighbor's window?

The headlines this morning blared: "Miley Cyrus gets embarrassingly raunchy," "... stuns VMA crowd," "Was Too Slutty," etc. One Daily News scribe was undoubtedly clutching a rosary as he wrote about her "lewdly thrusting out her tongue and nastily stroking her crotch... [as] she stripped down to a flesh-colored bikini." Ah, the old flesh-colored bikini trick—still got it.

But so what? She's 20 years old, was thrown into fame at a young age, and is twerking her ass off to shed the Disney image that became her whole identity and probably wasn't even her choice in the first place? She is also dropping her first adult album very soon and a little controversy never hurts album sales. But just her age is a reasonable enough explanation as to why she's acting overly sexual in her performances these days. But also that is the world we live in, and until everyone looks away this is what will pass as entertainment on our downward spiral into idiocracy. And if you do not think we are headed towards idiocracy, please see this Buzzfeed list comparing a screenshot of Miley Cyrus's ass to the backend of a turkey.

So, aside from feeling uncomfortable about it all, was it bad? Sort of? Jon Caramanica put it well in his NY Times review, pointing out, "this was a banner year for clumsy white appropriation of black culture—the shambolic, trickster-esque performance by Ms. Cyrus, to whom no one has apparently said 'no' for the last six months or so... included plenty of lewdness and a molestation of Robin Thicke." Albeit one that she no doubt mimicked from his "Blurred Lines" video.

Also, we feel it's very important to point out that this Smith Family Reaction Shot that's gone viral was the Smith family reacting to Lady Gaga, not Miley Cyrus. You can see the broadcast in the corner box, which shows Lady Gaga performing.