Aspiring artists for whom there is no grander canvas than a gray slab of utilitarian concrete, take note: The city is commissioning murals to adorn its barriers, which separate bicycles from vehicular traffic and could generally use a little brightening up.

The DOT has issued its annual open call for artists and designers interested in proposing a Barrier Beautification design, which, if selected, will become part of city fabric for 11 months before all your hard work is painted over by the next generation of muralists. The short-lived nature of the project can be depressing, but glory and the $2,500 stipend is forever.

Artists and volunteers are required to sign a waiver (?!), and artists are also responsible for figuring out how to translate the proposal onto the actual barrier, so if it turns out crappy you've got no one to blame but yourself. The deadline for proposals is September 6. Entry forms and additional information are available here.