We run a lot of photos that have captured questionable subway behavior, but sometimes the seemingly outrageous isn't so terrible... and this is one of those times. When first confronted with the above photos you might get that Subway Rage feeling, but let's take a breath and really examine this.

Our tipster Eileen, who spotted this intricate sculpture on the 4 train this morning, tells us what we're looking at here: "This is an over-sized shopping cart piled high with clothes, mops, crates, etc. which is then topped off with a wheel chair. He also had a bicycle with him, which crashed into about 4 or 5 riders before being inverted." Listen, mistakes happen, and it seems like he remedied the bike situation pretty quickly, so let's focus on the rest...

Yes, it's a lot of stuff to bring on the subway, but there are clearly available seats, and one of the great things about this city is that you can sometimes transport heavy items for cheap by using the subway system. Maybe he was bringing the wheelchair to a friend or family member in need? Whatever the case, as long as you aren't seriously inconveniencing anyone else, that is a totally appropriate thing to do.

Eileen also pointed out that the man responsible for this "was wandering the car offering Nutter Butters to passengers." That's right, Our Hero was offering hungry straphangers FREE. NUTTER. BUTTERS. So where many have failed in similar situations, this man did it right. [Applause]