Check out these photos for a pretty new New York-based lingerie line called The Lake & Stars. The lingerie itself is rather lovely, full of vintage-inspired flourishes that keep it sexy without being skanky. The models, too, are very pretty, and it's refreshing to see that at least one of them isn't jailbait material. That's because the models are a real-life mother-daughter team. Do you feel weird on the inside?

As it turns out, the mother and her 19-year-old daughter were the Brooklyn neighbors of Lake & Stars designer Maayan Zilberman. "They're always so loving and tender towards each other," Zilberman told HuffPo. "A lot of the themes that we're dealing with are about psychology between women as they're growing up and dealing with family politics or women in the workplace," she explained, adding, "There's no shock value here. We're not trying to make people feel uncomfortable in order to provoke dialogue."

But it seems some critics are getting their panties in a twist about the whole thing: “These ads are highly suggestive. They are clearly designed to titillate consumers; mostly men. The incestuous and lesbian suggestions, with the phallic images of cactus and logs, are juvenile at best,” psychologist Dr. Nancy Irwin told Fox News (of course). “I'm disgusted, yet hardly surprised by this. Advertisers (particularly of undergarments) continuously push the envelope on good taste to simply get attention and drive sales."

Zilberman and her co-designer Nikki Dekker say they're surprised by the all the hoopla, posting on their blog today, "If you’ve followed what we’re doing, you know everyone involved in our process are our friends and we have a wonderful time creating the line and the images accompanying the collections." So, what do you think?