Photo by Nic Garcia

The elusive artist Yayoi Kusama has stepped out of the shadows and into a colorful spotlight at David Zwirner Gallery. Her new exhibition is titled "I Who Have Arrived in Heaven," and it just opened at the West 19th Street spot, where you'll find 27 new large-scale paintings, a video installation, and two infinity rooms. According to Wallpaper, "Unveiled for the first time, 'Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away' is a cube lined with mirrored panels and a reflecting-pool floor that rebound multicoloured light from suspended LEDs. The lights flicker on and off repeatedly, evoking the dual sentiments of time standing still and going on forever." There is another mirrored infinity room called "Love Is Calling."

Nic Garcia stopped by and told us that the rooms are "surreal and amazing! They're encased in mirrors. The light room you're only allowed in for 40 seconds, [it's] pretty spectacular—it's so beautiful, especially the light show" aspect. He added they're not as interactive as the Rain Room, but the Rain Room didn't have polka-dot tentacles!

There are lines for the exhibit, though, so they have that in common—it will only be open through December 21st so go, go, Instagram!