The Chelsea Market has their annual Halloween decorations up, and not everyone is happy about it. This year's display shows gruesome scenes featuring zombie babies chewing on body parts and red-eyed demon children, which some parents find too traumatizing for kids. (But this is the same stuff they had last year!) One 34-year-old mom told CityRoom, “I think it’s completely inappropriate to have a zombie baby chewing on a human hand and a zombie child that’s the same age as my child." But what do the kids think? At least three kids, aged 4 to 8 years old, all thought that the display was, and we quote, "Cool!"

Not every parent is so concerned, either—NY1 anchor and father himself, Pat Kiernan, works in the building, and told us this morning, "I'm a parent and it didn't even cross my mind that the decorations were a problem. Parents who are more cautious than me might have to find somewhere else to buy artisanal chocolate milk until November 1st, when it should be safe to return."

Click through to judge for yourself—is this stuff any scarier than the sword-swinging drunken pirates found in Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean ride?