Project Runway has a couple of its season two dresses for sale on various auctions at the PR website. They are winning dresses from Santino and Chloe, plus that terribly-fitting Daniel Franco muslin dress and Diana's deconstructed prom dress. Naturally, Santino's and Chloe's dresses are in the $300+ range, while Daniel's and Diana's dresses are at about $55. Gothamist really loves Santino's dress (right), and maybe, if we removes some ribs and about a third of our body, we could wear it. Chloe's dress was also lovely, and we sort of loved Diane von Furstenberg as a judge during the second episode, with her slouchy appraisals of everyone, but Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are really making up for a Janice Dickinson-less America's Next Top Model.

Half the proceeds from the auction will go to support NYC's Garment Industry Development Corporation. Why the Mayor had to be present to announce, we suspect it was for a photo op with Heidi Klum.