(Photo by Jason Yung)

"I read people's texts on the subway," is the bio of this new Instagram account. Is this creeper for real? Who knows. But even so, someone probably IS reading your texts when you have your phone whipped out in public like that. Probably your boss. Or your parents. Or you ex. Or that guy you like.

We talked to the mystery person behind the account—which is basically Overheard In New York, but with emojis—and they insist the texts are real. They added, "It's hard to find good ones believe me. Sometimes I switch trains or get off at another stop just to come back to the stop I actually need in hopes of finding something. And I have been late to work and late in going home plenty of times due to my long subway rides. I have yet to be caught! Proud of that actually. I'm pretty sneaky in the way I do it, it's a secret of the trade."

When asked about how they feel about this kind of voyeurism, we were told, "In general I don't like it, but people do it all the time, couples especially. I guess it's ok if it's anonymous and for entertainment's sake."


So there you go. If you've felt this fear, know that it is 100% real, and that someone will now probably end up submitting your most scandalous and/or stupidest text to this Hot New Instagram Account. Then, by next Christmas, you'll find it while scanning the inevitable coffee table book at Urban Outfitters. [via Reddit]