Wealthy health nuts have turned to I.V.s to get their daily dose of vitamins, because swallowing is just so provincial. The latest craze to sweep the 1 percent has regular un-sick people flocking to their doctors for some nice, recreational I.V. treatment.

“I get B-12 and other vitamins, and I come for two hours, sometimes three, because I like to take them slow,’’ 48-year-old Cristina Andrews told the Post. “I’m a little tired immediately after, but the next day, I feel I can do anything.’’

Sessions span $130 to $1,000 each, and some doctors claim that having nutrients pumped directly into your blood stream can help with ailments like sunburns, dehydration, poor nutrition and hangovers. Other doctors think the whole thing is B.S.

Gail D'Onofrio with Yale Emergency Medical Center, told ABC that sticking a needle into your arm to cure a hangover is like using a blowtorch to light a cigarette. "IV therapy is fraught with many complications that range from as simple as inflammation to the vein to more complex complications such as an infection that could occur and then very rarely but can occur an air embolus can occur with air going into the needle," she said.

Air embolus! For the rest of us, multivitamins are available for under 10 bucks at your local bodega. Although those will probably kill you, too.